The Patriot Post® · Democrats' iVote Election Scheme

By Publius ·

Investor’s Business Daily has the scoop on another effort by Democrats to dumb down the electorate and win more elections in perpetuity"

> In another Democratic scheme to fix elections, iVote, a group made up of former Clinton and Obama aides, plans to spend “up to $10 million on a push to make voter registration automatic whenever someone gets a driver’s license,” reports the New York Times. Only when a driver objects will the registration not be completed.

> In other words, iVote wants to place on the voter rolls people who don’t care enough about voting to register themselves. Is this a wise method for choosing the lawmakers who run our governments?

> The Democrats have made it clear for some time that they want the least-informed among us to vote, and it’s not because they believe it promotes the health of the republic. It is an entirely self-serving exercise. …

> Of course Democrats complain that anyone who objects to their registration campaigns is trying to suppress the vote and to interfere with the right to vote.

> But iVote and similar initiatives are about neither. They’re aimed at stuffing the ballot box with votes from people who can’t summon the energy to “bestir” themselves off their couches to go vote, which means they’re likely to buy into Democrats’ promises of free stuff from the government.

As usual, Democrats have the easier position. Now it’s up to Republicans to explain to the American people why it’s in the nation’s best interest for some people not to vote. If there’s a unifying Democrat theme it’s choosing a position that makes Republicans look like the bad guys.