The Patriot Post® · NATO Has Become Demoralized in Afghanistan

By Dan Gilmore ·

NATO, which was providing training and support to the Afghan government, will, in a December meeting, consider increasing its role in the country where the Taliban captured and then withdrew from a northern city in September. “Nobody is pleased with the progress,” a NATO diplomat told Reuters News. “The alliance’s forces can’t keep helping forever. … Right now we are helping them more than we’d like.” This comes as Barack Obama drifted back on his campaign promise for U.S. troops to vacate the country before he vacates the White House. Instead, he promised that 5,500 will remain by 2017. The U.S. decided to do the work that the Soviet empire couldn’t do when it entered the country, defeated the Taliban, and stayed to try to institute a new government. Obama made it his campaign promise to leave the country and right now, it only appears that the meager NATO forces are there propping up the Afghan government. But hey, at least the country has the most expensive gas station in the world.