The Patriot Post® · Gender Pay Gap Caused, in Part, by Temperament

By Dan Gilmore ·

Really, it boils down to what kind of equality we’re talking about. For the Left, it wants to make sure everyone arrives at the same, equal outcome. Thus, leftists insist that when it comes time for the paychecks to get cut wages should be equal, regardless of gender, regardless of skill or experience. For more practical students of political philosophy, it’s more realistic to insist that everyone start out with equal opportunity. According to details about a study performed by the National Bureau of Economic Research, women graduating from an MBA program earned less than their male colleagues because they searched for less competitive jobs. “Gender differences in taste for competition explain around 10 percent of the overall gender gap,” said the study. “Female MBAs are 8 percent more likely to work in low-paying industries at graduation and 12 percent more likely to work in such industries seven years later.” In other words, a male with a type-B personality will likely earn less than a type-A woman with the top of the corporate ladder on her mind. Both had the same opportunities, and both are presumably content with where they are. If that isn’t equality, what is?