The Patriot Post® · Hillary Pontificates on Betraying Vets

By Publius ·

Hillary Clinton supports our veterans — or so she says. After all, she says she tried to sign up for the Marines earlier in life, right? Never mind the factual questions surrounding her tale… Today, she’s trying to take advantage of the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs to bash Republican plans to fix it through privatization. “Today we are failing to keep faith with our veterans,” Clinton said, adding that her administration would have “zero tolerance for the kinds of abuses and delays we have seen.” Clinton hurriedly put together a VA solution to give veterans VA insurance that they could use with private providers. She also focused on prominent services for women and homosexuals.

Meanwhile, Republicans have proposed to offer veterans a choice of services within the system or vouchers to receive services in the private sector. Of course, Democrats oppose vouchers for veterans’ health care just as they do vouchers to help kids get out of failed government schools. And much for the same reason, Democrats want to maintain a stranglehold on every sector of services they can. They certainly don’t want to offend their government and school union constituents.

But as for GOP proposals, Clinton declared, “As we work to improve the VA, I will fight as long and hard as it takes to prevent Republicans from privatizing it as part of a misguided, ideological crusade. I will not put our veterans at the mercy of private insurance companies. Privatization is a betrayal, plain and simple, and I’m not going to let it happen.”

No, betrayal is allowing 300,000 veterans to die while waiting on the VA.