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The Spy Pollard to Be Released From U.S. Prison Friday

It shows Obama's indecisive stance in the Middle East.

Dan Gilmore · Nov. 16, 2015

The Obama administration has played its diplomatic pawn with Israel. On Friday, Jonathan Pollard, the former Navy intelligence analyst who pleaded guilty to spying on the U.S. for Israel, will be released from prison. The 62-year-old spy spent 30 years of a life sentence in federal prison before he became eligible for parole. The imprisonment of Pollard has been a longstanding source of strain between America and her greatest ally in the Middle East, and now Obama is using his release as a transparent attempt to smooth things over with Israel. The terms of Pollard’s release stipulate that he has to stay in the States for five years before he can depart for Israel. Obama who, with a stroke of his pen, gave work permits to five million illegal aliens but will not grant Pollard clemency to leave the country, so we know some newfound respect for Rule of Law isn’t on Obama’s mind. Pollard is likely no longer a threat to the U.S. He’s a known spy. He’s been convicted in a court of law. He did time. The U.S. government could use him to improve relations with Israel — a good idea considering the rise of the Islamic State. But if Pollard’s release is to smooth over Obama’s deal with Iran, then it’s too little too late. Not only is Obama giving Israel a handful of beans, he’s throwing them in its face.

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