The Patriot Post® · How About a Trade?

By Mark Alexander ·

“Non-Interventionist”? According to Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, “Sheltering even 10,000 refugees, of any faith, would have mostly symbolic value. Four million Syrians have fled, with even more internally displaced. Half of all Syrians have been forced from their homes. For that, the Obama administration bears some responsibility — and the reasons should be something voters think about in 2016.”

Some responsibility? Let’s be clear: The primary reason for the Syrian exodus is the rise of the Islamic State. And the primary reason for the rise of the Islamic State is Barack Obama’s profoundly nescient retreat from Iraq in order to keep his 2012 campaign pledge. But even a critical Washington Post editorial won’t connect those dots.

This is not about “American inaction,” this is about Obama’s actions. His legacy is now secure — and it’s defined by an epic and catastrophic humanitarian crisis. The blood of thousands of murdered Christians and tens-of-thousands of refugees is on his hands.

So I propose a compromise. We’ll take 10,000 Syrian refugees if Syria will take Obama! And as for that Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded for charisma, he should mark it “Return To Sender.”