The Patriot Post® · Clinton Calls for Investigation Into Chicago PD

Wannabe elected official Hillary Clinton called for the federal government to investigate the Chicago Police Department after there were protests over the death of Laquan McDonald, who was killed by police in October 2014. The protests were sparked by the release of a video showing Chicago officers shooting the 17-year-old 16 times. It was released during the trial for the officer who fired the shots. Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said in a statement, “Hillary Clinton is deeply troubled by the shooting of Laquan McDonald and the outstanding questions related to both the shooting and the video.” In making the statement, Clinton, currently only a U.S. citizen seeking the limelight, is trying to bolster her credibility with Black Lives Matter protesters. What is unique about Clinton’s newest position is that she burned one of her own supporters to do so. The Wall Street Journal notes that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel worked as a staffer in the Bill Clinton administration and he, at least up until this week, supported Clinton. This is a way for her to distance herself from Barack Obama’s platform, and try to become a more attractive candidate for supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, a potential constituency she insulted in August. This happened even though Emanuel (who, interestingly, planned on taking his family to Cuba for a holiday vacation) fired his police superintendent the day before. He’s just one more political casualty on Clinton’s scramble for power. Clinton advisers like Sidney Blumenthal should beware.