The Patriot Post® · Female Attacker Pledged Allegiance to ISIL

By Nate Jackson ·

Despite Leftmedia insistence all along that the San Bernardino attackers’ motives remained “unclear,” authorities now say it appears Syed Farook’s wife, Tashfeen Malik, may have been not only the ringleader, but actively posted a Facebook pledge of allegiance to Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at the outset of the attack.

What else was happening during the attack by an Islamic State devotee? Barack Obama was boasting, “ISIL is not going to pose an existential threat to us, they are a dangerous organization like al-Qaida was, but we have hardened our defenses, our homeland has never been more protected by more effective intelligence and law enforcement professionals at every level than they are now.” As we said yesterday, his timing is impeccable.

While an unnamed official clarified, “At this point we believe they were more self-radicalized and inspired by the group than actually told to do the shooting,” it matters little.

Meanwhile, in a bizarre turn of events, the landlord of the murderous married jihadis allowed media into the apartment … by prying open the plywood blocking the door. The FBI says it concluded its investigation of the premises Thursday, but the county sheriff’s office insisted that it’s “not a cleared crime scene” and “an active investigation” is ongoing. So why were the media’s prying eyes allowed in? And not just eyes, but hands — a random guy reportedly walked out of the house with a popsicle. MSNBC displayed the driver’s license and Social Security number of one of the suspect’s mother. So as Hot Air’s Allahpundit muses, “The ‘best-case’ scenario is that the press is luridly publicizing sensitive information, including presumably innocent people’s personal data, for no better reason than that it’s lying around at a major crime scene. The worst-case scenario is that they’re handling actual evidence there.” We suppose the FBI better hope they don’t need any more of that evidence.