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French Raid Mosques, Democrats Visit Them

Answering the Paris wake-up call.

Nate Jackson · Dec. 9, 2015

The attack in Paris was a hard lesson and wake-up call, but the French are showing signs of learning. During a state of emergency crackdown, “French authorities announced [last week] they shut down three mosques for an alleged ‘pattern of radicalization,’” reports USA Today. French authorities found Islamic State propaganda, as well as weapons and ammo, and they made scores of arrests.

Of course, USA Today also notes the flip side: “but terrorism analysts said such tactics are unlikely to be repeated in the USA.” Thanks to Barack Obama’s blinding Islamophilia, he would never allow such a thing. And Democrats follow his lead. That’s why several Democrat lawmakers attended a prayer service at a radical mosque and Obama’s DHS secretary held a press conference at a mosque tied to the Muslim Brotherhood — both after the San Bernardino attack.

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