The Patriot Post® · There Are Limits to National Security Preventing Jihadi Terror

By Dan Gilmore ·

Some put their trust in government programs. Others put their trust in super computers and their metadata. But there is only so much security the U.S. government can provide. During a hearing before the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee, Deputy Assistant Commissioner at the Department of Homeland Security John Wagner said if Islamic State terrorists tried to enter the United States by crossing the border like jihadists did before the Paris attacks, only “some of them would have” been stopped by law enforcement. “Some of them would have been prevented from traveling here to begin with,” Wagner said. “It’s been reported some of them were identified to governments as being a national security risk already. There’s information we would have received from their travel details that we’re confident we would have identified had they traveled to the U.S.”

This assessment comes on the heels of a Senate report that declared the U.S. borders were no hindrance to a violent jihadist who wants to do this country harm. But a jihadist doesn’t need to cross the border in order to attack America. On Wednesday, a Muslim 20-year-old man living in Minnesota was charged for trying to recruit dozens of people to support terrorist groups, one of them being the Islamic State. And despite countless calls of help from government officials to root out extremism, leaders in several Muslim communities are unwilling to do so. Contrary to what the Left may claim, the Second Amendment most definitely isn’t obsolete.