The Patriot Post® · Planned Parenthood Killer: The Antithesis of Pro-Life

By Jordan Candler ·

At Wednesday’s court hearing, Americans got a harrowing look at the man who took three lives, including that of police officer and church elder Garrett Swasey, at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic two weeks ago. Without hardly blinking an eye, Robert Dear admitted, “I’m guilty. There’s no trial.” The grossly mislabeled “warrior for the babies” (his words) interrupted numerous times with nearly unintelligible rants, even claiming at one point, “I’m housed with no toilet, no water. Contact Amnesty International and have them contact me please.” Dear said he wants “the truth” to “all come out,” meaning he believes the millions of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood justify his own taking of life. As the video recording of the hearing shows, he’s not in a clear state of mind, so we’ll clear up his distortion for him: There is no justification, and social conservatives would unanimously agree. The Left says we can’t judge all Muslims based on a relatively small number of radicals who slaughter innocent lives every day — and that’s mostly true. Yet after the attack, those same leftists insinuated all conservatives are hate-filled monsters who either quietly approve of Dear’s murderous rampage or outright advocate such atrocity.

MSNBC pundit Lawrence O'Donnell claimed, “I know that there are millions of protesters out there who share his view of this situation.” But that is simply not true. “There is no coherent moral argument for pro-life violence,” National Review’s David French astutely writes. “That’s precisely why it is so rare, and that’s precisely why it will remain rare until America has a moral awakening, reverses Roe, and protects all human life — from conception until natural death.” In fact, one acquaintance described Office Swasey as “a righteous person … always doing the right thing and putting others before himself.” That’s what the pro-life movement is about. What Dear did was just the opposite — abhorrent and selfish.