The Patriot Post® · There's Trouble in the Democrat Kingdom of Chicago

By Publius ·

Barack Obama came from the Chicago school of politics, and practices the kind of political modus operandi developed in the Windy City. Now, it seems like the city’s residents are rebelling against the system that created Obama. Angry over how the city handled the death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, a group of Chicago pastors are circulating a petition to hold a “no confidence” vote in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Others are pursuing other channels to remove the mayor from office. To be clear: They are willing to break party rank to change their city’s criminal justice system. Bishop James Dukes, who pastors the Liberation Christian Center, said, “This is war, and in war there are going to be casualties, and there [is] going to be friendly fire.”

Let’s put this in context. Emanuel and his ilk are the liberal elite. But when it comes to making people content through their governance, they fail. Mediaite’s Joe Concha explains the significance while pointing out the lacking coverage the media has given this criticism over Emanuel.

“A white mayor of the country’s second (correction: third) largest city — who was/still is very close to the president — being at the center of a cover-up of a white cop murdering a black teen caught on camera. The tape is suppressed while a mayoral election is happening and isn’t released until 15 months later after the mayor is safely re-elected. And his party’s frontrunner in the form of Hillary Clinton has voiced support for him, thumbing her nose at the black community and the victim’s family in the process.”

See how out of touch top Democrats have been with Chicago blacks? Meanwhile, Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale, IL, services a neighborhood that’s 93% black and where 16.6% of the families are below the poverty line. That gun shop in Chicago’s south side was the National Rifle Association’s top recruiter back in 2014. The times, they are a changin’.