The Patriot Post® · Lindsey Graham Suspends Candidacy for President

By Dan Gilmore ·

Despite the rising worry about Islamic terrorism here and abroad, screamin’ military interventionist hawk Sen. Lindsey Graham announced Dec. 21 he was suspending his campaign for president. It was the last day for candidates to withdraw their names from the South Carolina ballot — Graham’s home state. In doing so, Graham avoided a potentially embarrassing election result come next year. We noted in our original coverage of the senator’s announcement that he was entering the race, Graham is always down for a good military intervention, as he believes the way to ensure the nation’s security is through a strong military taking the fight to the enemy’s turf.

For the duration of his campaign, Graham never gained more than 2% support, if he even registered in the polls at all. Nevertheless, the former presidential candidate considered his campaign a success because, as Graham claimed in a video announcement suspending his campaign, it changed the Republican Party. Before he started running, a non-interventionist streak was gaining traction in the GOP. Graham said, “Four months ago at the very first debate, I said, that any candidate who did not understand that we need American troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria to defeat ISIL was not ready to be commander in chief. At that time, no one stepped forward to join me. Today, most of my fellow candidates have come to recognize this is what’s needed to secure our homeland.” Maybe Graham changed the rhetoric of the election, maybe not. The current administration’s actions have been proof enough that inaction is imperiling the nation.