The Patriot Post® · Afghanistan Chaos Grows as Six Americans Killed

By Dan Gilmore ·

Add this to the growing signs that the Afghani government the United States and the rest of NATO established in the country after striking down the Taliban isn’t prepared to ensure the nation’s security. On Monday, a suicide bomber drove a motorbike into a group of U.S. service members, killing six. The group was on foot patrol outside the Bagram airbase, the largest U.S. military facility in the country. Last December, Obama announced that the combat roles of U.S. troops in the country was over. A year later, and the Taliban has risen up with enough strength to take over a city, strike U.S. soldiers, and the Islamic State has established itself in the country. In response, Obama walked back his commitment to pull troops from the country and decided to leave a little less than 10,000 troops there. It was an admission that his policies were not working. In response to the attack, the Office of the Press Secretary for the White House released a statement saying, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and their loved ones. The United States condemns this cowardly attack on members of the U.S. and Afghan forces, and we remain committed to supporting the Afghan people and their government.” Thoughts and prayers, eh? To the Left, it’s appropriate to petition the Creator over acts of terrorism, but it’s reprehensible when Republicans do the same over instances of “gun violence.”

Obama couldn’t be bothered to make a short statement himself? He let a nameless spokesman throw out some platitudes? Obama is in the middle of a two-week vacation to Hawaii. Meanwhile, soldiers are putting their lives on the line for a mission their commander in chief doesn’t really believe in.