The Patriot Post® · NYC Transgender Discrimination Guidelines Go Too Far

By Dan Gilmore ·

It’s a legal guideline so outrageous that Snopes, the website dedicated to sniffing out hoaxes, investigated the story that New York City’s Commission on Human Rights suggested the city fine people up $250,000 if they “discriminative” against transgendered people by using the pronoun or title that transgendered people want them to use. Snopes found the story partially true. No, your visit to the Big Apple won’t get exponentially more expensive when you’re riding the Staten Island Ferry and the person who you thought to be a dude turns out to be a lady. The legal guidance would expand the city’s Human Rights Law, first established in 2002, and applies to when a transgendered individual seeks employment, public accommodation, or housing. And the discrimination would not be for “mistakes,” because New York City is a benevolent despot. Instead, the fines ranging from $125,000 to $250,000 would be for those “violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct.” Not only would bad grammar be punished, other unlawful acts of the most heinous nature would include insisting the person use a certain bathroom or wear a kind of uniform that they didn’t want to wear. The lesson may be hard, but New Yorkers will be made to care.