The Patriot Post® · FBI Expands Clinton Foundation Corruption Investigation

By Paul Albaugh ·

For Americans who have been paying attention to the numerous scandals that have always surrounded Hillary Clinton, many are wondering when and if she will ever be indicted and charged for her crimes. If her improper handling of classified emails, use of her private server and failure with Benghazi have not been enough to derail her campaign for the presidency, perhaps an expanded FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation will be.

Last spring, we wondered whether the Clinton Foundation would actually be Clinton’s downfall, but for the last several months the FBI investigations have been primarily focused on her emails and use of a private server. That has now changed.

The FBI has expanded its investigation to include the Clinton Foundation and is looking into whether or not there is a connection between Foundation work and State Department business. If there is a connection between the two, then that would be a violation of public corruption laws, and should be disastrous for Clinton.

Why would that be? Well, it just so happens that on the official website of the FBI, public corruption is listed as the top criminal priority. And by all indications, the FBI is holding to this standard.

In fact, there are reportedly at least 150 FBI agents on the case. According to former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova, that is “a very unusually high number” of investigators to be working on one case.

Indeed it is a high number, but with there being an alleged exchange of favors between insiders from the Clinton Foundation and with the State Department led by Hillary Clinton, such attention is warranted. The stench of corruption is frankly, overwhelming.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey notes, “This development suggests something else, too. Hillary refused to turn over the server for even longer, finally surrendering the hardware last August. Originally, after being forced to give up her e-mails, she and her team went through the system and printed out about half of the 60,000+ messages it held. Hillary claimed the rest were personal and non-work-related, about her daughter Chelsea’s wedding plans and quick communications with Bill. That explanation is absurd on its face; that would amount to more than 20 personal e-mails a day for four years. At the time, many suspected that Hillary and her team deleted anything having to do with the Clinton Foundation, and then wiped the server so that the software could not be accessed.”

But by all indications, the FBI is on to something and the dots are likely becoming more numerous, clear and connected. Is it possible that Clinton was using her private email server to cover up the real corruption at the Clinton Foundation? We certainly think that was one of the primary reasons, though the Clintons have always sought to keep their deals out of the public record.

Her mishandling of classified material was no doubt against the law, but it may be incidental to the fact that she wanted to hide her corrupt Foundation activity. Further, she not only abused her position of power at the State Department, she used her position to enrich her family through the money-laundering slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation.

In other words, she was receiving payments to the “charity” from foreign officials or governments that were very likely in return for special favors, projects and so on. That’s about as illegal and corrupt as a career politician can get and several former politicians are serving time for committing far less serious crimes.

If the FBI probe reveals what we think it will and she is brought up on charges for her numerous high crimes and misdemeanors, then Hillary for President will be no more and Hillary for Prison will become reality. But Democrats can take heart; there’s always Joe Biden.