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Obama Targets Coal on Federal Land

Mr. Fundamental Transformation isn't done with the coal industry.

Dan Gilmore · Jan. 15, 2016

Barack Obama isn’t done with the coal industry. Due to Obama’s executive actions and polices, the industry has been decimated, with coal monoliths filing for bankruptcy because of the double-whammy from the rise of natural gas and the downward pressure of government regulations squeezed the industry so much that it’s no longer viable to keep employees or stay in business. According to Washington Post, Barack Obama is working on changes to the federal government’s lease program that allows mining companies to extract coal on federal land. The administration plans on placing any new leases on hold while crafting new policies that furthers its climate change agenda. In response, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) said that the Obama administration is waging a war with communities and families that rely on coal. “There seems to be no limit to the number of job-crushing regulations, executive orders and insults Secretary Jewell and President Obama will throw at America’s middle class,” Barasso said. Supporters of Obama’s regulations say the last time the policies were changed was back in the 1980s, that it’s stuck in the past, which should serve as a warning. While we want to think that the next conservative president will undo all of Obama’s executive orders, they will probably stick around for several decades, dragging the economy down.

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