The Patriot Post® · Contrasting Views on Taking Sailors Hostage

By Publius ·

Talk about alternate reality. The Obama administration continues to downplay the incident in which Iran captured 10 Navy sailors and made them kneel for pictures and even apologize on video.

Secretary of State John Kerry practically boasted afterward, “I want to underscore how pleased I am that our sailors were safely returned into the United States’ hands this morning. … I also want to thank the Iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. … And, in fact, it is clear that today this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and officially resolved, and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe, secure and strong.”

As the nation’s top diplomat, “the critical role that diplomacy plays” is an astounding pat on his own back.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Arachi said, “This shows Iran’s internal power as we powerfully seized the military vessel of the world’s big military power. … This is a sign of our might.”

That’s why they took pictures and video, which they will happily replay the Muslim world over to display that power and might. And John Kerry will thank him for it.