The Patriot Post® · Bernie's Health Plan Is Logical Step for Demos

Hours before the Democrat debate in Charleston Sunday night (another weekend debate that nobody watched, by the way), Bernie Sanders released his final solution for fixing the problems ObamaCare wrought: Instituting a single-payer health care system by giving “Medicare for all.” The cost would be tremendous. The Wall Street Journal reported the socialist candidate’s plan would increase government spending by $14 trillion over 10 years and would be “funded” by instituting a 2.2% increase tax on income, a payroll tax on employers, oh, and Sanders’ go-to promise that the rich will pick up most of the bill. Since the beginning, some Democrats planned to use ObamaCare as a stepping-stone to single-payer health care. Sanders is just taking that logical next step and demanding what the Left has really wanted all along.

Hillary Clinton responded in the debate by attacking Sanders’ consistency, arguing that he flipped on several issues to make himself more compelling to Democrat voters — such as becoming a more ardent supporter of gun control and tweaking his health care plan. Clinton’s biggest critique of Sanders’ plan is that it would dismantle ObamaCare, an evidently unforgivable sin after how hard Democrats wheedled and worked to get that failed institution passed. At one point, Sanders said many of his supporters implored him to make a “vicious attack” against Clinton, but he hasn’t done that because he’s “trying to run an issue-oriented campaign.” And Sanders is overtaking Clinton in the polls, leaving the woman who regularly reads the political winds and changes tack accordingly to try to win voters by harkening back to Obama administration nostalgia. At least Sanders has the integrity to say he is a socialist.