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Democrats Want to Strip Immunity From Gun Companies

Hillary Clinton is pulling the party left on this issue.

Dan Gilmore · Jan. 19, 2016

Socialist Bernie Sanders was surprisingly moderate about the issue of gun control last May. The Washington Post wrote of Sanders’ position then, “When socialism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a concealed firearm — without a permit.” Among the issues, Sanders voted on a National Rifle Association-backed bill in 2005 that affirmed gun companies had immunity if one of their firearms were used in a crime or murder — just like a car company would have if someone decided to drive the car into a crowd of people. But Hillary Clinton, the “realistic progressive,” believes that she has a backdoor policy that could dismantle the gun industry: remove that immunity from the nation’s firearms manufacturers. Her plan would choke up their legal teams with lawsuit after lawsuit when guns are used for illegal acts, not just when manufacturing defects cause firearms to fail.

This week, Sanders, who said he’s running “an issue-oriented campaign,” indicated he is moving toward Clinton’s position. Democrats in Congress introduced a law that would roll back essential parts of the 2005 immunity law and hours before Sunday’s debate Sanders said he would support it. He said in the debate that he’d “support stronger provisions,” but he doesn’t want to make it so a small, community gun shop is liable if it sold a gun later used in a crime. But that’s beside the point. The First Amendment is protected by legislation that prevents the sue-happy from muzzling someone’s free-speech rights, though the Left regularly attacks free speech and religious liberty. Clinton’s idea of stripping gun companies’ immunity and siccing lawyers upon them is no less unconstitutional.

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