The Patriot Post® · ACLU Forces NYPD to Consider 'Equality' Before Security

By Dan Gilmore ·

For years, the New York Police Department viewed Islamic terrorism through a study titled “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat.” It featured analysis from the RAND Corporation, studies of recent terrorist attacks in other countries, and studied how Muslim men radicalized to the point of attacking the West. Recently, the American Civil Liberties Union managed to force the NYPD to stop using the report to understand the metastasizing threat of Islamic terror. It was biased against Muslims, the ACLU insisted, and that obviously trumps security to the politically correct Left — once again illustrating the Left’s blithe disregard for how Islamic terror develops. Instead, they want national security to be an equal opportunity investigation, lumping right-wing extremists and Islamic terrorists in the same suspect file.

In related news, the House voted, with enough votes to override a veto, to send a bill to the Senate that would reform how Syrian and Iraqi refugees are screened before entering this country, ordering FBI background checks on them. Barack Obama and the Senate Democrats will fight, saying that the legislation isn’t compassionate, but the bill’s success in the House shows there is real concern over this administration’s refusal to diagnose the reason some Middle Eastern immigrants turn to violence.