The Patriot Post® · The Astronomical Cost of Kasich's O'Care Expansion

By Dan Gilmore ·

If presidential candidate John Kasich wants the government to play the role of church, then he should expect government spending to reach heaven high. As governor of Ohio, Kasich crossed the aisle and supported Barack Obama’s “Affordable” Care Act; the Republican fought conservatives in Ohio’s legislature and expanded ObamaCare in his state. Since 2014, that move has cost $6.4 billion in federal money. Kasich has been running a campaign that practically promises to turn the federal government into a church. He justifies government expansion because that’s what Jesus would have wanted. When he expanded ObamaCare, Kasich estimated that the cost would be $2.5 billion for the first year. Instead, it cost $4 billion. Kasich should know that there are better options. If he wanted to follow a Jew from Vermont, he could always advocate for single-payer health care. And hey, it would only mean an increase of federal spending to $14 trillion over 10 years. If Kasich truly wanted to promote Judeo-Christian values, he would run an executive branch that upholds Rule of Law, which would leave room for the Church to perform its duty to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit those in prison.