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Trump Can Buy the Republican Nomination!

We've endured similar narcissistic behavior for the last seven years.

Mark West · Feb. 11, 2016

It is worth noting that Donald Trump frequently boasts, “I am the only candidate self-funding my campaign.” Apparently he believes this is an admirable capability. In the last presidential election, it took about a Billion Dollars for Obama to win a second term — combined with a lot of lies about Benghazi, defeating al-Qaida, the ISIL “JV Team,” and, of course, limitless support from his adoring Leftmedia. As The Patriot Post has argued for years, candidates for federal office should be allowed to donate no more to their presidential or congressional campaigns than any other citizen can donate to those campaigns — about $2,700 to any one candidate. This would prevent wealthy self-promoters like Trump from buying their way into office. There is no shortage of wealthy Democrat and Republican elites who have purchased their seats of power. Would it surprise you to know that, of the top 10 wealthiest members of Congress, eight are Democrats? Ironically, Trump’s message to his supporters is framed around returning the power to its rightful owners, We The People. But, other than those underpaid immigrants who work in his casinos and hotels, Trump has virtually no connection with those who have been mesmerized by his rhetoric. We hope this will be the last election cycle we have to hear a candidate boast about his wealth, his self-funding and the myriad of other narcissistic traits Trump unabashedly displays. We’ve endured another narcissist for the last seven years — and that has been plenty, thank you!

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