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More Clinton Email Released, More Redacted Secrets

Drip, drip, drip...

Dan Gilmore · Feb. 15, 2016

Drip, drip, drip — the State Department released on Saturday another batch of Hillary Clinton’s email from the time she was secretary of state. And contrary to Clinton’s claim that she never sent classified info, the 551 emails were 15% redacted. One email exchange was from a top diplomat in Egypt, messaging Clinton about the negotiations in the Sinai Peninsula. If Clinton wants to claim that her former department has been overzealous retroactively classifying information, just ask yourself: If a foreign government or organized crime intercepted that communication at the time it was sent, could it have damaged U.S. diplomatic efforts?

According to Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw, the email revelations will only become more damning as February wraps up and State finishes releasing all 30,000 emails. “Meanwhile, the rest of the emails will be released on a weekly basis with the last batch coming out on February 29th,” Shaw writes. “Getting the final tranche on Leap Day may be fitting in an ironic way, because they are likely to be the stickiest ones involving the most departments and they will drop literally within 24 hours of Super Tuesday. That should make for an interesting closing argument for Clinton’s campaign as they head into a fight over a massive number of delegates.”

Already, 1,700 of the 27,000 emails released so far have been at some level of classification, from the lowest to some of the most sensitive. This is why former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Obama’s head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, had some choice words for the presidential candidate: She should quit now.

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