The Patriot Post® · Ohio to Strip Planned Parenthood of State Funds

By Culture Beat ·

Ohio Governor John Kasich, the moralizing, big-government advocate running for president, finally found a liberal government program that he didn’t want to fund. Soon, Kasich will sign a bill that would prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving funds from the State of Ohio. It passed Ohio’s House in a 62-32 vote, and would redirect $1 million in the state’s budget.

Senior council for the Alliance Defending Freedom Casey Mattox told The Daily Signal, “Ohio legislators have wisely redirected existing funding from the scandal-plagued Planned Parenthood to thousands of better, low-cost community health care providers that serve women and families far more comprehensively. Ohio taxpayers should not be forced into an immoral partnership with Planned Parenthood.”

Ohio joins eight other states to ensure that their tax revenues don’t go to groups providing abortion, with Wisconsin possibly joining their ranks. Put another way, thanks to the Center for Medical Progress and its videos, nearly a fifth of the states have denied Planned Parenthood and its ilk a revenue stream they once believed was guaranteed. And while a Texas judge indicted CMP instead of the real criminals, the investigators’ results are undeniable.