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Trump Hits Cruz With Slanderous Attack

No, Sen. Coburn did not say Cruz is "one of the most dishonest people in DC."

Jordan Candler · Feb. 17, 2016

Donald Trump sure knows how to stir up the water, and he was back at it this week with another slander on rival Ted Cruz. And this one was the worst yet. According to the Washington Examiner, “Trump retweeted his social media director Dan Scavino, in turn quoting [Sen. Tom] Coburn talking about the Texas senator. ‘He is, without a doubt, one of the most dishonest people in D.C.,’ read the quote Scavino attributed to Coburn.” There’s just one major problem. “However, the quote appears to come directly from progressive website ForwardProgressives.com and writer Allen Clifton, who used the exact language to describe Cruz.”

Coburn, understandably infuriated, had this to say: “It’s an absolute fabrication. I’ve never said that, period. It’s unfortunate he would use my name to say something dishonest. It’s a total fabrication.” The Trump campaign eventually figured it out — but, as usual, not before it was too late. Red State adds, “Both Trump and Scavino have deleted their tweets. No new tweets with an apology or even a retraction were made.” One of Trump’s new favorite talking points has to do with the deceitful nature of politicians. “I’ve never met people like politicians,” he recently said. “They are the most dishonest people I’ve ever met.” He also slammed Cruz as “the single biggest liar I’ve ever seen.” Like everything else he claims to espouse, Trump isn’t exactly leading by example, is he?

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