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Donald vs. Trump, ObamaCare Edition

For the mandate, against the mandate. Whatever.

Nate Jackson · Feb. 22, 2016

First, there was The Donald, basically arguing for ObamaCare. He told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday, “Well, I like the [ObamaCare individual] mandate. Okay, so here’s where I’m a little bit different. I don’t want people dying on the streets. I say this all the time. The Republican people, they’re wonderful people. They don’t want people dying on the streets. We’re going to take care of them through maybe concepts of Medicare. We have hospitals that aren’t doing well. We have doctors that aren’t doing well. You cannot let people die on the street, okay? Taking care of people that are really, really sick and are going to die. That’s not single-payer, by the way. That’s called ‘heart.’”

In another venue, he reiterated, “We’re not going to let people die in squalor because we are Republicans, okay?” In fact, he said, “That’s part of the problem with the Republicans — somehow they got fed into this horrible position. We’re going to take care of people.”

But, Trump also later insisted that he does not support the ObamaCare mandate. “We had a situation where we were — Anderson Cooper, who’s terrific by the way and did a terrific job — but we were talking over each other,” Trump said. “Look, I want — we’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

He tweeted, “I will repeal all of #Obamacare, including the mandate, period.”

So is Donald right, or is Trump correct? Either way, do you trust him to do what he says (when he’s not arguing the opposite)?

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