The Patriot Post® · More and More Abortion Clinics Closing Their Doors

By Culture Beat ·

A report by Bloomberg News shows that abortion clinics have accelerated their rate of closings since 2011. In five years, 141 facilities that perform 400 or more abortions in this nation closed their doors. Put into perspective, there were 705 abortion clinics in the U.S. during the late ‘80s, according to the Guttmacher Institute. In 2011, 553 abortion clinics remained. “State regulations that make it too expensive or logistically impossible for facilities to remain in business drove more than a quarter of the closings,” Bloomberg reported. “Industry consolidation, changing demographics, and declining demand were also behind the drop, along with doctor retirements and crackdowns on unfit providers.”

In other words, abortionists’ doors closed because of economic forces and lawmakers’ concern over the welfare of women seeking abortions (like the law in Texas requiring abortionists having admitting privileges at a nearby hospital). Commentator Gary Bauer noted that this trend comes at a time when states are denying funds to Planned Parenthood, one of the most prolific abortionists in the nation. In the last week, Ohio and Wisconsin cut PP’s funding, making the percentage of states in the union that have done so above 20%.

This is undoubtedly good news. But we expect the pro-abortion crowd to double down on what they claim is the “right” to abortion — the ability not just to kill the unborn without fear of government prosecution but something that the government must promote and encourage, a mandate to put an abortionist in every corner of the nation.