The Patriot Post® · Random Trump-ness

By Nate Jackson ·

A few wrap-up thoughts from Thursday night’s debate and surrounding events:

Before the debate, the former Mexican president had this to say about paying for Donald Trump’s “beautiful” wall: “I’m not going to pay for that f—ing wall.”

Trump responded in the debate by first retorting, “The wall just got 10 feet taller.” That was good; he means business. But then he expressed horror that someone would use that kind of language. You know, like he himself has done on numerous occasions. Spare us the indignation.

On a related note, challenged on his use of illegal workers to build his towers, Trump borrowed a line: “It’s almost impossible to get help. And part of the reason that you can’t get American people — you know, they want full-time jobs. This is a 4-month 5-month job.” That’s perhaps an understandable argument, but Trump’s whole appeal is built around tossing the illegals out, not giving them jobs Americans won’t do.

Meanwhile, Trump talked about trade, insisting again that “we’re losing” and promising to fight back. “You know, I don’t mind trade wars,” Trump said. “We’re losing so much with Mexico and China, with China, we’re losing $500 billion a year.” Yeah, well wait until everything you buy costs significantly more because of his vain “trade war.”

Finally, Rubio is pressing his advantage: “You have a guy who is being sued right now for fraud for Trump University,” Rubio exclaimed. “And I’ve had stories written about my driving record. A con artist is about to take over the conservative movement and the Republican Party, and we have to put a stop to it. He is wholly unprepared to be president of the United States.”