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Final Batch of Clinton Email Released

Hillary knew her email contained classified information.

Dan Gilmore · Mar. 1, 2016

The State Department released the last batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server Monday. It marks the last of the 52,000 emails now in the public record. In total, more than 2,000 emails were redacted at some level. While State says none of the documents were marked classified, figures in the intelligence committee said the information was classified at the time. It’s a distinction Clinton likes to exploit against low info voters.

In this last batch of 3,900 emails, 261 were redacted by State. Those redacted emails described meetings Clinton had with world leaders, including Mid-East leaders after the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 — sensitive information that should have been protected from foreign spies. Most importantly, these emails show Barack Obama knew of Clinton’s private email and Clinton was well aware that she handled classified information through it. One email was classified because it was an exchange between the chief executive and his cabinet member. On April 22, 2012, Clinton emailed her staffer Jacob Sullivan about a document that was emailed her: “If it’s not classified or otherwise inappropriate can you send to the NYTimes reporters who interviewed me today?” She had to ask, implying that she never fostered a culture where sensitive information was automatically forbidden from the technology.

At the beginning of this email debacle, Clinton admitted that her team deleted an additional 30,000 emails, saying they were personal. But if the vetted emails have 2,000 classified emails, what do the 30,000, which were recovered by the FBI and are being reviewed, reveal about the woman who wants to run this country?

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