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Clinton's Secret IT Staffer Granted Immunity by FBI

That suggests investigators are pursuing someone bigger.

Political Editors · Mar. 3, 2016
Hillary Clinton poses with Bryan Pagliano.

The Clinton machine has ways to deal with people who squeal. Will Bryan Pagliano suddenly die in a mysterious accident? In the next couple months, the FBI expects to wrap up its investigation into whether then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a homebrew email server and her mishandling of classified information constitutes criminal wrongdoing. The bureau has granted Pagliano, the Clinton staffer who set up the contraption, immunity in exchange for his cooperation with law enforcement. He previously pleaded the Fifth. As noted by Ted Cruz, who knows a thing or two about law, “This suggests that the investigation is moving to a whole other level.”

This revelation comes as the State Department released the last of Clinton’s emails, redacting more than 2,000 because they were classified at some level and withholding dozens of others because they were so highly classified as to be damaging to national security even in redacted form. Naturally, the Clinton campaign has downplayed the investigation, saying it’s a simple security review. But the fact that federal investigators have granted the man who created the system immunity suggests they are pursuing someone bigger. Perhaps they are zeroing in on the fact that Clinton ordered the system created, and hid the system from the State Department. But Clinton may still slip away. Former CIA Director David Petraeus leaked sensitive information to his biographer, lied about it to the FBI, and was hit with a $100,000 fine and probation for two years. Clinton may be under the law, but barely.

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