Right Hooks

Clinton vs. The National Rifle Association

Clinton risks becoming the next gun saleswoman in chief.

Dan Gilmore · Mar. 11, 2016

Clinton risks becoming the next gun saleswoman in chief. The Democrat frontrunner has drawn a sharp stance on gun control, vowing Thursday, “I will take on the gun lobby.” Clinton has been traveling the campaign trail with Mothers of the Movement, an anti-gun organization with such members as the mother of Trayvon Martin. In gathering around her families of high-profile shootings, Clinton is drawing a sharp line between her and Bernie Sanders, who represents gun-friendly Vermont. She is also trying to court black voters who are sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a high-school gymnasium in North Carolina, Clinton vowed to take on lobbyists, Wall Street and big business. “But you know what the strongest lobby is?” Clinton said, “It’s the gun lobby, which intimidates people, threatens elected officials. It is time my friends, we stand together and say enough. I stand with the families of Sandy Hook.” If/when Clinton gets the Democrat nomination, her tough-on-guns stance will only encourage more firearm purchases in the nation, as citizens will be worried she will want to curtail the right to bear arms. Furthermore, this hard stance against the pro-gunners is statistically a less-than-advantageous position. In January, CNN published a poll that found 54% of Americans disapproved of Obama’s executive actions on gun control. Perhaps she should also recall the lesson of 1994, when her husband pushed gun control only to lose a landslide in the midterm election.

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