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California Sheriffs Oppose State's Proposed Gun Law

Gun control criminalizes previously legal behavior for no reason.

Publius · Mar. 16, 2016

One of the overarching problems of gun control is that it criminalizes previously legal behavior for no reason. Oh, you have a standard-capacity 10-round magazine for your handgun in California? Criminal! That’s what would happen if California’s governor got his way and passed another round of gun control measures in a state already locked down with regulation. Among the measures, the proposed regulation would require background checks — for buying ammunition — and strip the grandfathering in the current gun laws, making any guns deemed to have high-capacity magazines currently sitting in closets, under beds and in safes in law-abiding citizens’ homes suddenly illegal. As The Truth About Guns points out the proposed law would violate both the Second Amendment and the Fifth. In a statement, the California State Sheriffs’ Association opposed the proposed gun control: “Effectively, this measure will create a new class of criminals out of those that already comply with common sense practices that now exist. The focus of efforts to reduce gun violence in this state should be on those responsible for that violence, not those that have no intent to do harm.” And just to clarify, the sheriff’s association isn’t exactly the NRA, as it supports policies such as waiting periods. The fact that such a policy is being considered shows that the anti-gun lobby will not stop at “sensible gun safety.” It wants to rid Americans of the right to keep and bear arms, for it believes there is no such right.

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