Right Hooks

A Green Energy Proposal That Isn't Bad

Usually, any green energy initiative pushed by ecofascists stinks.

Business Review Board · Mar. 22, 2016

Usually, any green energy initiative pushed by ecofascists stinks, but this idea, to pull energy from pig and chicken waste, isn’t as fragrant. Duke Energy, which provides electricity to 7.2 million customers, announced that it will build a plant in North Carolina that will trap the methane gas leeching off decomposing barnyard waste and use it to make enough energy to power 10,000 homes. Currently, the pork farmers in the Tar Heel State send liquefied pig waste into cesspools, where it is used as a spray-on fertilizer on crops. Yum.

Furthermore, turning scat into energy is practical. It’s not something that some progressive president is likely to laud from the Rose Garden. It doesn’t have that sleek, modern feel of the wind turbines knocking Bald Eagles from the sky, or the need for heavy subsidies only to exist like the ethanol industry. While the state requires energy companies generate 12.5% of their juice from green sources, this is an energy source that isn’t in political vogue. But as a result, money is saved, waste is diverted, and North Carolina farmers have another way to use the whole hog.

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