The Patriot Post® · Tuesday Short Cuts

By Publius ·

Insight: “[T]he burden of government is not measured by how much it taxes, but by how much it spends.” —Milton Friedman (1912-2006)

Circle the wagons: “Legally … there is a big bar that you have to get over to prosecute anybody for these crimes, much less somebody who is running for president. … [W]e can’t have a system in which we are constantly charging people who are running for president of crimes.” —Ron Fournier defending Hillary Clinton (Then maybe we shouldn’t have criminals running for president.)

The BIG Lie: “Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest and trustworthy.” —Jill Abramson, former executive editor of the New York Times

Another swipe at the Obama legacy: “People in both parties are upset by the fact that 80% of the American people haven’t gotten a pay raise since the crash.” —Bill Clinton

Village Idiots: “[The Republicans’] rhetoric is also counterproductive when it comes to protecting the American people. And that’s a significant problem, particularly when you’re the commander in chief and you are on the hook. You are the one that’s primarily responsible for the safety and security of the American people.” —Josh Earnest

Anything but Islam: “We have had more than our share of mass killings. Some committed by inspired terrorists, but the vast majority committed by American citizens living here who have access to firearms. Newtown was an example of that. All those young children killed by an American citizen. So the bigger threat at the moment is from our own citizens than from those abroad.” —NYPD Commissioner William Bratton

Late-night humor: “I read that George Clooney emailed Hillary Clinton supporters a letter endorsing her for president. Or as Hillary put it, ‘That’s one email I’ll never delete.’” —Jimmy Fallon