Wednesday Short Cuts

Publius · Apr. 6, 2016

For the record: “For anti-Trump folks, Kasich may be useful to keep around if he can keep Trump’s proportion of the vote lower in places like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and so on. But let’s note that Marco Rubio suspended his campaign March 15; since then Arizona, Utah, and Wisconsin have voted … and Rubio is still a half-million votes ahead of Kasich. (Marco Rubio got more than 10,000 votes in Wisconsin last night.)” —Jim Geraghty

Perception: “The man is famously irascible, pugnacious and sanctimonious. He’s prone to defending his policies, such as his expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare in Ohio, by insinuating that he cares more about his eternal soul than his critics. A lot of people talk about how unlikeable Cruz is. Well, I’ve met both men, and I’d much rather have a beer with Cruz. Maybe Kasich’s denial stems from the fact that he’s never lost a race and can’t contemplate failing this time. I really have no idea. All I know is that it’s time for him to go.” —Jonah Goldberg

Village Idiots: “It’s fair for Iran to get what it deserves because it has kept its part of the bargain to date with respect to the nuclear agreement.” —John Kerry

Non Compos Mentis: “People are coming to understand that not all of us fit into the ‘girl’ box or the ‘boy’ box. … My way of respecting it just happens to be raising my cats gender neutral. You can choose your own.” —Lauren R. Taylor in a Washington Post piece titled, “Don’t laugh: I have a serious reason for raising my cats gender-neutral”

Non sequitur: “The reason why being pro-choice is the right way to go is because it is a choice, and hopefully a choice rooted in the thoughtfulness and care that women bring to this decision. So of course you can be a feminist and be pro-life.” —Hillary Clinton

The BIG lie: “Trump may be the most outrageous of the Republicans, but he is saying what all of them believe. They want abortion to be illegal, and they do want to punish women and doctors. Trump just committed the sin of telling people what they think.” —Hillary Clinton

And last… “The New York Post reports that Mrs. Clinton and Sanders ‘are locked in a surprisingly competitive battle’ for the Empire State — which she claims as her home even though he is a natural-born New Yorker. Her birthplace was in Illinois, which almost borders Canada.” —James Taranto

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