The Patriot Post® · America's Young Socialists Simply Need Life Experience

By Culture Beat ·

The Millennial generation overwhelmingly supports Bernie Sanders and his promises of free college education and universal health care. They protest to make college campuses “safe spaces” for their tender feelings while calling on college administration and police to go after anyone who challenges their views. Just last week, some students at Ohio University demanded police investigate an incident where the campus’ College Republicans wrote, “Trigger Warning: There are no safe spaces in real life. You can’t wall off the First Amendment” on the university’s graffiti wall — a designated place for speech. The College Republicans sent the message after the campus administration apologized when someone scrawled “Trump 2016” on the same wall. In response, Ohio University police held an open discussion with the campus’ LGBT Center.

While it may sound like America will soon become the land of the taxed and home of the emotionally coddled, the college students and Sanders supporters just need a little life experience, a bit of time to get on their feet and see how the world actually works. Ohio University may be in an uproar over the right to express unpopular opinions, but the administration at Ohio State handled student protesters occupying the main administration building like adults. If students protested in the building, they would be arrested and expelled, the administration reminded the students. Faced with the possibility of real-world consequences, the group left.

Vox, a leftwing publication, reported on a poll that found most Sanders supporters like his ideas of free stuff, but about 66% of the socialist’s supporters said they wouldn’t want to pay more than $1,000 in additional taxes for universal health care. Meanwhile, a household making $50,000 a year would have to pay $5,000 in additional taxes a year to fund Sanders’ ideas. That’s quite the bern.

A recent study found that once Millennials start making over $40,000, the majority of them change their views to oppose income redistribution. Give it time. There’s hope yet.