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Taxpayer Assistance for Deportees

Can anyone say government waste?

Political Editors · Apr. 19, 2016
A woman making pupusas in El Salvador. Photo from Hermann Luyken CC BY-SA 3.0

A U.S. government agency gives out $50,000 a year to Salvadorians who were deported back to their country so they can start businesses there. Can anyone say government waste? As Fox News’ James Rosen reports, even the Small Business Administration doesn’t provide that kind of assistance. SBA only provides loan guarantees for entrepreneurs looking to start small businesses — the things that grow our economy, maybe even provide some jobs. However, the Inter-American Foundation, an independent agency founded to hand out aid to countries below our southern borders, distributes taxpayer cash to Salvadorians who were caught breaking our immigration laws. The thinking is that the seed money will encourage Salvadorians to start their own businesses, become established in their home country and never make the trek back to the States. It’s all well and good until the local cartel hits up those fledgling enterprises for protection money, or a deportee takes the cash and the business never materializes. This redistribution program was highlighted in Sen. Rand Paul’s recent report on government waste.

The news also comes just as IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the Senate his agency doesn’t care if illegal aliens use borrowed or stolen Social Security numbers to pay taxes — as long as the tax revenue keeps flowing. The problem is that more tax revenue flows out than in because Democrats, Washington bureaucrats and all the other ‘crats want to normalize illegal immigrants to make anything short of amnesty politically impossible.

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