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Hot Sauce Hillary

Clinton plays the average woman when talking about her purse.

Apr. 19, 2016

What do you always carry in your bag, Hillary? So asked the radio hosts of a hip-hop radio station in New York just in time for today’s primary in the Empire State. “Hot sauce,” Totally Average Human Being Clinton answered. “Yeah.”

It was an obvious pander to black people thanks to a stereotype made famous by a recent Beyoncé song, and even the radio hosts couldn’t let it slide. “Now listen,” one of them replied, “I want you to know that people are going to see this and say, ‘She’s pandering to black people.’”

“Okay,” Clinton answered. “Is it workin’?”

To be fair, she’s actually telling the truth — at least about loving hot sauce. Hillary’s fondness for the condiment is well known and goes back at least to her days at the White House, where she stocked the pantry full of it. But she’s not even trying to hide her shameless pandering, and that’s not new either. One of the more infamous moments in her first presidential bid came in Selma, Alabama, when she drawled in a phony Southern accent only a New Yorker could summon, “I don’t feel no ways tired. I come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy.” Fingernails on a chalkboard are more pleasant than actually hearing her dissonant dialect.

But why should she bother trying to disguise her pandering? Blacks vote monolithically for Democrats despite what that party has done to — not for — them over the last 50 years. And Republicans don’t seem to care enough to try for their votes.

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