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'Congrats: You've Been Accepted Into Our Rape Program!'

New campaign associates college acceptance with likelihood of being raped.

Culture Beat · Apr. 19, 2016

The statistic claiming 1-in-5 women are raped on college campuses is an oft-repeated but easily dispelled myth. The figure is diminished by the fact most of the evidence is manipulated and stretched to make rape occurrences appear more common than they actually are. Sadly, that’s not stopping a anti-campus rape propaganda group from launching “Unacceptable Acceptance Letter,” a campaign highlighting higher education’s supposedly callous attitude toward victims of rape.

A poster ad appeared this weekend in the Harvard Crimson, where a faux acceptance letter stated, “We know that you will make lifelong friends and memories here on campus. We’re sorry that one of these memories will include being raped by someone you thought you could trust. You’ll fear him the night he pressed you against a wall and every day after that. The claims you will make against your rapist will be ignored, mach like your right to feel safe at school. After all, you can’t expect us to expel someone on the basis of a story that beings with ‘I had been drinking.’” The caption read, “This is a true story. One in five women are sexually assaulted in college.”

Actually, they’re not, but the rhetoric doesn’t end there. The group created an entire video series as well that features incoming college freshman gleefully reading off acceptance letters that include apologies for their impending rape that will go ignored by campus officials. (See all the videos here.)

As Robby Soave over at Reason notes, “College campuses are not perfectly safe places, of course. But they are not veritable hunting grounds, either. And non-students are actually at much greater risk of sexual assault.” Unquestionably, rape is a problem. But so too are unfounded allegations (remember Jackie?) and changing the rules that sometimes result in prejudiced expulsions. As long as America nurtures the hookup culture, the problem isn’t going to get better. That’s a message you won’t see plastered anywhere near public universities.

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