The Patriot Post® · Natural Gas as Environmental Threat?

By Dan Gilmore ·

The community of Warrenton, Oregon, successfully stonewalled the construction of a terminal that would have exported liquefied natural gas overseas in their town. Since 2012, Oregon LNG wanted to build the terminal and an 87-mile pipeline that would ferry the gas that originated in Canada. But over concerns that the terminal would gas the environment and damage the local economy, local government blocked the proposal that would have created 150 jobs in the area. So Oregon LNG decided to drop the project.

Democrat lawmakers like Sen. Ron Wyden celebrated the job-crushing news. “I am relieved that local voices prevailed,” he said in a statement. But Democrats and the Obama administration were not so hostile to liquefied natural gas in the past. Indeed, they used to see the stuff as a future green energy. In 2012, the Obama administration envisioned vehicles running on liquefied natural gas providing a clean-burning alternative to oil-guzzling trucks. But in a few years, gas has turned from hero to villain to the Left.

“Build the terminal in a more jobs friendly location and let them reap the benefits,” wrote Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw. “The good citizens in Warrenton, meanwhile, can smoke their corn cob pipes and stare out across their empty bay, enjoying the sounds of the wind, the waves, and the unemployed people camping out near the beach.”

Some way or another, this nation needs energy. Maybe the folks of Warrenton would like some wind turbines, that energy source that whines all the time and kills birds.