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John Kerry's Money Sits in Offshore Accounts

The liberal elite has different rules than everybody else.

Political Editors · Apr. 28, 2016

In response to the Panama papers disclosure, a report into how international leaders hide money in offshore accounts, Barack Obama took to the podium earlier this month to rail against the rich. Wealthy people who used offshore accounts are “gaming the system” by turning to financial “loopholes that only wealthy individuals and powerful corporations have access to.” Obama continued, “A lot of these loopholes come at the expense of middle-class families, because that lost revenue has to be made up somewhere. Alternatively, it means that we’re not investing as much as we should in schools, in making college more affordable, in putting people back to work rebuilding our roads, our bridges, our infrastructure, creating more opportunities for our children.”

It must be awkward for Obama to learn that his own Sectary of State John Kerry has put millions of dollars in offshore accounts. In 2013, Kerry entered Obama’s cabinet the second wealthiest U.S. senator with his net worth at about $200 million. According to his financial disclosures — which run a tedious 169 pages — Kerry has shuffled more than $11 million into 11 offshore accounts run by his wife’s family. Despite the Left’s incessant accusations of inequality and appeals that the rich must be taxed, Obama will probably do nothing over the news that Kerry is “gaming the system.” Don’t you know the liberal elite has different rules than everybody else?

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