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Colorado to Consider Socialized Medicine

Free stuff! What could go wrong?

Political Editors · Apr. 29, 2016

The voters who carried Bernie Sanders to victory in the Colorado Democrat primary are putting their wishes for universal health care into action. When the people of Colorado head to the polls come November, they will not only cast their vote for president but to decide if Ski Country USA will become the first state to set up a system that provides health insurance for all. Free stuff! What could go wrong?

First, ColoradoCare would cost an estimated $38 billion, according to Colorado Health Institute’s independent analysis of the proposal — a cost that will be paid for by higher taxes. If voters approved the ballot measure, it “would grant significant powers to the board of ColoradoCare to manage day-to-day operations. The board would control a budget larger than the rest of the state government combined. Many questions about ColoradoCare would be left for the board to answer.” You’d think with the great power and by extension great responsibility this board would wield, oversight and accountability would be paramount. But no. Technically, ColoradoCare would be a nonprofit corporation larger than most companies on the Fortune 500 list — a corporation not controlled by the Colorado legislature nor governor’s office.

Supporters of the measure say the move would replace the now-dysfunctional ObamaCare and scale back “greedy” for-profit health care companies. People like Michelle Lucero, who works as the Children’s Hospital Colorado’s general council, told the New York Times doctors will avoid the state and money that goes to fund medical research will flow elsewhere. America is such a leader in the health industry because the free market encourages R&D. If Colorado adopts this system, it will unfortunately become the example of why socialized health care does not work.

If they doubt it, they can ask the “progressives” in Vermont.

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