The Patriot Post® · Army Keeps Soldier Who Beat Child Rapist

By National Security Desk ·

Turns out the U.S. Army will not remove Sgt. First Class Charles Martland from service. In January, the Army planned on punishing the Green Beret because in 2011 he slammed to the ground an Afghani police commander after he discovered the man had abducted and raped a child. Because Martland violated the U.S. policies on respecting Afghan culture, rapey bits and all, Martland was going to be kicked out of the military March 1.

But thanks to inquiries by Rep. Duncan Hunter, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan himself as a Marine, the Army decided to retain Martland. Hunter said, “The Army did the right thing and we won — the American people, won. Martland is who we want out there.” As for Martland himself, he simply and humbly said, “I am real thankful for being able to continue to serve.”