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Guccifer and a Judge Hound Clinton Over Email Server

That's a narrative that will destroy her leadership credibility.

National Security Desk · May 5, 2016

Speaking to reporters from a Romanian prison cell, the hacker who goes by the name Guccifer claimed to have accessed Hillary Clinton’s private email server. “It was like an open orchid on the Internet,” said Guccifer, a.k.a Marcel Lehel Lazar. “There were hundreds of folders.” Lazar was recently extradited to the United States for breaking into the email accounts of notable Washington politicos such as Gen. Colin Powell and Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal. If the hacker actually accessed the server stored in Clinton’s basement, he might have done so through Blumenthal’s email. The Clinton campaign, however, is vigorously denying the allegation. A statement declared, “[H]is descriptions of Secretary Clinton’s server are inaccurate,” adding that Guccifer never posted proof of the breach on the Internet. But the hacker — whom the FBI will question — claims he downloaded files upon files from the server that contained classified information. And are we really supposed to believe Clinton?

Not only is there mounting evidence that secrets were jeopardized because Clinton flippantly handled classified information, there’s a growing case that she violated the Freedom of Information Act. Yesterday, a federal judge said he might order Clinton to appear for a deposition to explain why she wanted to operate an email account outside the control of the State Department. The judge wrote that the State Department “may have purposefully attempted to skirt disclosure under FOIA” by creating a private email server and the issue needs to be investigated. If both allegations prove true, then it means a Romanian hacker accessed some of the most sensitive of information just because Clinton wanted to avoid oversight. That’s a narrative that will destroy her leadership credibility and open the possibility for a Biden-Warren ticket.

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