The Patriot Post® · Benghazi Saga: Gowdy vs. DoD

By Nate Jackson ·

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina is intently focused on gathering all necessary information to conclusively record the history of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack in Benghazi. That includes taking on the Obama Defense Department when it’s stonewalling. Defense Secretary Ash Carter essentially accused the House Benghazi committee of wasting taxpayer money by requesting dozens of interviews. Carter’s complaint sounds suspiciously like the organized talking points of congressional Democrats, however, and Gowdy was having none of it. In a letter, Gowdy responded by citing DoD’s quick turnaround on another investigation:

> By contrast, the Department was able to complete the recently released review of the bombing of a civilian medical facility in Kunduz, Afghanistan within two months. That review “interviewed more than 65 witnesses, including personnel at the Trauma Center, members of U.S. and Afghan ground forces, members of the aircrew, and representatives at every echelon of command in Afghanistan.” It also evaluated “more than 3,000 pages of documentary evidence, much of it classified,” three times the number of pages your letter says were produced to the Committee. All of this work was completed without the burdens of which the Department now complains. The Department apparently has a different definition of burden when it is investigating itself as opposed to cooperating with the Congress of the United States.

It’s critical to remember that Barack Obama’s deceitful post-Benghazi narrative of a YouTube video causing a riot is the whole reason an investigation is even still ongoing. Had the administration — including Hillary Clinton’s State Department — simply told the truth about the al-Qaida attack, this would have been long over. Then again, Obama wanted to win re-election, so he perpetuated the myth that he had “decimated” al-Qaida. That leaves Gowdy seeking answers about the deaths of four Americans. And the administration is still stonewalling.