The Patriot Post® · Oregon's Transgender Guidelines Embrace the Dysphoria

By Dan Gilmore ·

Last week, Oregon’s Department of Education released guidelines to avoid sexual discrimination in schools, but it instead lays the groundwork for a wholesale acceptance of the demands students who claim to be transgender place upon the school. Among the changes: If students don’t want to tell their parents about their newfound sexuality, then educators must keep the secret. A student who identifies as transgender can play intramural sports of their chosen gender. But most tellingly of all the guidelines, students need not prove that they are trans; they merely declare it and it’s so.

This just furthers the legal problem outlined by David Marcus: “Many Americans, including me, do not believe a person born as a man can be or become a woman. But it is clear that some states and localities in our country have chosen to accept that concept as real. Thus it is absolutely necessary that our society and legal system devise a definition for transgender. Thus far, that definition seems to be ‘people are transgender if they say they are.’ This is not good enough.”

In the Left’s pursuit for blind equality — no questions asked — they are recasting society without thinking about how individuals who disagree with each other must live in harmony. In the past, we had Rule of Law. Now they want everyone to conform to the LGBT agenda.