The Patriot Post® · Lying Justice Lawyers Need Ethics Training

By Dan Gilmore ·

The Texas judge who originally issued the temporary injunction halting the implementation of Barack Obama’s de-facto amnesty has sanctioned lawyers for the Justice Department. It’s yet another rebuke of Obama’s modus operandi. In 2014, the Department of Homeland Security established Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) — which allowed illegal immigrants to apply for work and permits. Texas and 25 other states sued over the action and federal district Judge Andrew Hanen favored the states’ petition. The government fought the injunction all the way to the Supreme Court, which has yet to issue a ruling.

During the first court fight, it came out that DOJ lawyers mislead Judge Hanen, telling him the Obama administration wasn’t implementing the action when in reality it had already informed about 100,000 illegal immigrants they could stay. Hanen’s sanction requires DOJ judges to take five years of ethics classes, the department to provide a list of the illegals affected by the premature implementation, and assurances such an action wouldn’t happen again. The judge wrote: “Such conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose name includes the word ‘Justice.’ Suffice it to say, the citizens of all fifty states, their counsel, the affected aliens and the judiciary all deserve better.”

Whenever the courts find that Obama has once again overreached his authority (think recent rulings on ObamaCare and the Clean Power Plan), the lame-duck president pushes the limits of the office in a new way. The administration has taken a program designed to get young Americans summer jobs — a good first step up in a career of gainful employment — and reallocated the program to give jobs to refugees. He’ll never stop until he leaves office.