The Patriot Post® · FBI and DOJ Investigating Virginia Governor

By Political Editors ·

We are shocked — shocked! — to report that Hillary Clinton’s bagman, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, is under investigation for illegal campaign donations. Both the FBI and the Department of Justice have been investigating the Virginia governor’s personal finances, questioning whether or not he broke campaign contribution law and trying to discover if the Democrat had foreign sources of income. Particularly, the investigators are focusing on a $120,000 donation made by Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang.

The connection McAuliffe has with the Clinton machine cannot be overstated. Before he was governor, the man worked as the director for the Clinton Foundation for free. Indeed, donors to Clinton’s slush fund often donated to McAuliffe.

Wang Wenliang was no exception. According to The Wall Street Journal, Wang donated $2 million to the Clinton Foundation. Currently, he ships soybeans through Virginian ports. Wang’s company also runs a port in China that’s a major route to ship goods into North Korea. As for Wang himself, he sat in the People’s National Congress. He’s a man with deep connections to the Chinese Communist Party and who has profited from providing material goods to a nuclear-armed country wishing America harm. He used his money to influence McAuliffe and Clinton. Wang’s exactly the kind of person politicians should avoid being influenced by. Yet the Clinton machine took the money.