The Patriot Post® · Syrian Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

By National Security Desk ·

Syrians, Palestinians and other Middle Easterners are trying to reach the United States by committing fraud through getting on the registry of Honduran citizens and then applying for U.S. visas, a Honduran newspaper reported. Hundreds of individuals allegedly have committed the act, and they didn’t do it on their own. It required organized crime in the Honduran government to find Honduran citizens who either died or did not apply for an identification card, and then to give those identities to Syrians, et al., seeking entry. Who wants to bet that terrorist cells exploited this con and “Honduran” jihadists are now in the U.S.?

This news comes at a time when the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border is beginning to increase. Border Patrol agent and union representative Chris Cabrera told The Washington Post that Border Patrol is beginning to see an increase of fence hoppers that might match the illegal immigration surge of 2014. Indeed, Mexico has detained more illegal immigrants from Central America traveling through the country this year than it did two years ago.

Meanwhile, leaders in American cities seem oblivious to the security threat. Philadelphia, a city that already forbids its law enforcement from working with ICE, set up a hotline that essentially tips off illegal immigrants whenever ICE shows up in a neighborhood. So not only has Philly refused to work with ICE, it’s actively undermining the federal government’s efforts to protect our borders.

Speaking of sanctuary cities, the family of Kate Steinle is suing over her death at the hands of a repeatedly deported illegal immigrant. The suit alleges a series of mistakes on the part of government workers that put an illegal immigrant and a gun at a San Francisco pier last year. “Most of the actors involved were following federal government policy which flows straight from the White House, combined with official positions taken by the City of San Francisco,” points out Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw. “This wasn’t an error or an oversight… the system was functioning as implemented by those in charge at the federal, state and municipal levels.” It’s a policy that continues to leave Americans exposed to crime, and if left unresolved, terrorism.